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  • Developed by Unknown Worlds Entmt.
  • Spark Game Engine
  • Released On: 31 October 2012
  • From 12 up to 24 slots

Natural Selection 2 - Info

Natural Selection 2 (NS2) is a multi-player, team oriented video game which combines first-person shooter and real-time strategy rules. It is set in a science fiction universe in which a human team fights an alien team for control of resources and territory in large and elaborate indoor facilities.

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Natural Selection 2 Cover

Natural Selection 2 Game Servers can be ordered on our website and will be online within 30 minutes after receiving payment.
To order Natural Selection 2 gameservers visit our Natural Selection 2 gameserver order page. We also offer Teamspeak 3 and web hosting to go along with every Natural Selection 2 gameserver.

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NS2 Sudamerica 8v8 (high tick) -

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